FAQ (about short term courses)

  1. How should I register for short term courses?

Make your user name via registration from the main page, then click on registration from the page of course details, and then follow the registration steps.



2.How can I find the details of a course?

There are two ways:

  1. Look up the course from the search bar
  2. Find the course from course list on the page of short term courses



3. Is there a fee?

It depends on the selected course. Some courses are free of charge



4 . Is there a fee for certificate of completion of course?

The applicants of certificates will pay the issuance and delivery charges; and only issuance charges will be taken, If for any reason there is no possibility to send a printed certificate



5. How can I pay the fees or tuitions?

The Electronic Fee Collection (EFC) system has not yet setup, so you can pay the fees in cash to the branches of Al-Mustafa outside Islamic Republic of Iran


6. Can I find the time?

Not for all courses. Once you completed registration at a course then you can attend the course, using provided contents and taking the test at the end of the course. Duration of a course depends directly on the speed you are using the course content.

Some courses may include live stream. In that case, students will be informed via course details.



7. How much time should students expect to spend in taking a course at MOU?

Courses are scheduled and outlined in the course details. If the timing has not been specified, then it will be announced in the course details



8.How should I take the final exam? What are the rules for attending the tests?

To attend the final exam you need to have taken and passed the course content. There is no other specific condition


9. Is there a need to submit an ID or educational documents to attend the courses? How?

If you would like to receive the certificate of a course then you need to submit your ID documents including your Passport size Photo and a copy of Your ID Card or Passport (First Page only) at the website of university.


10. Is there a certification of completion of a course?

Having passed the final exam you can request the issuance of your certification. In that case the system will ask for  your Passport size Photo and a copy of Your ID Card or Passport (First Page only). Once documents submitted, you need to pay the issuance and delivery charges. Once the documents and payment confirmed, the certificate will be issued and will be sent to your address.



11. Are certificates only digital or printed certificates are also available?

Applying for a certificate by you, is as a request for the printed certificate, however you would also receive a photo file of the certificate.

You would receive he photo file of the certificate, If for any reason there is no possibility to send a printed certificate



12. Is it possible to register for both short term and long term courses of the online university at a time?

Yes, it is. There is no restriction for registration in both short term and long term courses at a time.